Treatment Staff

Steven W. Murphy LCDC, AADC – Program Director

Steve MurphySteven W. Murphy has been in the chemical dependency field since 1979. Steve is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor and an Advanced Addictions Counselor. His experience includes both direct clinical and administrative functions in inpatient treatment centers, outpatient treatment programs, group practices and corrections services. Steve has over 35 years in addiction counselor training, consulting and counseling for adults, adolescents, impaired professionals and criminal justice clients.

From 1979 until 1994 he worked at numerous chemical dependency treatment hospitals, inpatient programs and community programs.

He was the owner of Alamo Recovery Centers, Inc., which contracted with state and county criminal justice departments to provide outpatient services as an alternative to incarceration from 1994 until 2001. They opened 3 offices in San Antonio and 1 office in Boerne which were treating 250 clients per month.

He was the president of the Bexar County Treatment Coalition – an agency comprised of local inpatient and outpatient treatment programs focused on maintaining high quality services to criminal justice clients from 1998 to 2002.

Steve was the coordinator of Celebrate Recovery, a Christian 12 step program that encompasses all forms of addiction from 2002 until 2005.

Steve is currently in private practice at Alamo City Treatment Services providing outpatient chemical dependency services to adolescents and adults.

He is the owner of the Addiction Counselor Training School, a proprietary school, training students to become Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors.

He is currently the program director of Positive Recovery-San Antonio – the largest provider of drug and alcohol treatment providers in the south central United States offering inpatient and outpatient services based on the 12 steps and Christian counseling.

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Dr. Wiley Patterson

Alamo City Treatment Services is very fortunate to be working with Dr. Wiley Patterson, owner of New Resources Medical Arts, as a consulting physician who is available to our clients, usually within a few days if not a few hours. Dr. Patterson started his medical training in 1974. By 1985 he began exploring which alternative healthcare methods can be effective in which circumstances. reevaluating his understanding of healthcare and true and complete healing. He studied nutritional health, manual manipulation (as in reflexology, massage therapy, Rolfing, and osteopathy), naturopathy, energy therapies, homeopathy and Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution. Along with standard medical approaches, he applies such alternative understanding to addiction psychotherapy and twelve-step recovery, to effect the fastest, most complete resolution of addiction and physical pain and toward healthy psychological development. In 2016, he started working with Dr. George O’Neill from Australia, a pioneer and world leader in naltrexone implants which powerfully help opiate, alcohol and stimulant addictions. He has many novel yet effective methods of easing withdrawal. Dr. Patterson provides outpatient detox and treatment approaches to accelerate healing and recovery from alcohol, opiate and other addictions.



Laura Beesinger

Laura has been with Alamo City Treatment Services since October 2004. She has been an integral part of operations and overseen the administrative duties of the counseling office, LCDC school and all services of the facility.

Laura will help if you call anytime Monday through Thursday from 9am-6pm. They are available to assist you if you have any questions about our services. Please call our office at 210-541-8400. If you are calling after hours the local, on-call counselor can answer questions and get you to the best resources or if you are ready to change your life the admissions team that will assist you in the intake process at 877-476-2743. Monday through Friday from 5 am to 10 pm and  Saturday / Sunday 6am-10pm


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