Impaired Professionals Programs

ProfessionalThe Impaired Professionals Program (IPP) at The Right Step is a specialized program designed for those medical professions that require licensure or certification: physicians, dentists, pharmacists, CPA’s, attorneys and nurses. It is recognized that licensed persons, by the very nature of their profession, may have special issues in recovery that need to be addressed with more intense focus. Professionals at Alamo City Treatment Services will participate in the standard program with an additional focus on maintaining contact with the referring agency in order that they may integrate back into their professions with a minimal amount of interference to their lives. They will be introduced to other professional groups and community affiliated professional recovery programs during the treatment process.

The Right Step has prior experience with medical related peer assistance programs such as TPAPN and the BLE. We help the professional address special needs when he or she is in treatment by assisting with unusual situations not common to the general population; and assist the professional in understanding any special requirements by the referral agent/licensing body.

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