Finding Solutions to Life’s Challenges

At Alamo City Treatment Services we seek to provide quality service. Over half of our staff have been counseling for over 25 years. We are serious about what we do and hopeful that our clients receive the quality of care we would expect for our own family and friends.

Individual counseling – We provide individual counseling to address personal issues and understand that many people do not want their private issues discussed in a group setting. When people attend their initial session we encourage family or friends to attend also so we can get the “whole picture”.

christian-marriageFamily / Couples Counseling – We provide couples and family therapy in order to help examine how the family interacts and change relationship dynamics. Anger is prevalent with family members and is not easily resolved by the primary patient receiving their counseling. Behaviors have been modified for all parties in relationships to adapt to addictive or problematic behaviors and therefore have to be resolved.    In counseling we provide guidance and understanding to overcome these issues.

Group sessions – Group therapy and support groups are initially uncomfortable however we find people that have similar problems can find solutions together.  A common description of groups and changing behaviors is commonly described as this: “If you want to learn how to play tennis, you have to hang out with tennis players. If you already know how to play football, trying to learn tennis from football players will not be as effective.” Many people make some of their best friends in group therapy and support groups.

Intensive Outpatient Program – Sometimes our issues go beyond what can be achieved in therapy once a week or once a month. We provide and intensive outpatient program for clients and their families to receive education, individual and group counseling. This approach has been found to be more effective and helps people overcome the self-deception that they are the only person on earth with problems and surrounds them with solutions. It helps us as professionals to understand the dynamics of a person’s lifestyle and how they interact with others.

Residential Treatment/Inpatient Treatment – For those whoimagesYUFCP3OT need residential treatment, we have resources and have been working with facilities for 25-35 years. We seek out facilities that have excellent reputations and provide quality service. Again, at Alamo City Treatment Services, we pride ourselves in providing recovery solutions that we would expect our friends and family to receive.

Ongoing support – Our Alumni and Aftercare groups in San Antonio have been helping clients and their families since 2001.  What ever services you or your family members may require, our aim is to provide you with the correct level of service, the 1st time. Recovery is not easy, however we will provide ongoing care in the form of aftercare groups for as long as you need help.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at:
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